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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:41 am

Selfish Cravings Part 1

Reaching for something such as a cigarette, donut, candy, getting a tattoo or whatever else is being reached for benefits no’s only done to satisfy a selfish craving...

Reaching energy is selfish and its base of fulfillment is “I”. Reaching is only done to satisfy yourself and it’s the energy of why the world is as it is. Here are some examples of how the reaching energy reinforces “I” which is based in pure selfishness. No matter how you try to justify the following behaviors, they’re based in selfishness and will keep you in the bondage to “I”. The first example is using tobacco products. When this is done there’s absolutely no benefit in this action except to fulfill the lie that the action is a benefit to you, it’s not even a true benefit to you, but your Conditioned Mind tells you it is. Next, how about reaching for a cookie or other sweets? It’s done strictly to satisfy the selfish craving of “I”. There’s no true benefit to this reaching except to satisfy a Conditioned Mind lie that the thing being reached for is needed. There’s nothing inherently right or wrong with these things, it’s the reaching to satisfy the selfish craving that is the issue, and this is because it blocks one from their own loving energy and hence the love that one emits to others.

This selfish energy is very subtle that most won’t ever see this, but let’s go a little deeper and see the selfish energy of let’s say getting a tattoo. Again it’s an action that has no benefit whatsoever except to fulfill a selfish craving and it’s why people get multiple tattoos. Even if you think a tattoo has sentimental value, its a lie because that means you are still reaching outside yourself for fulfillment. Someone asked me, what about writing an article everyday, isn’t that done to satisfy a selfish craving? My answer was this, the gauge if something is selfish or not is how it benefits someone else. Reaching for a cigarette, donut, candy, getting a tattoo or whatever else is being reached for benefits no one, it’s only done to satisfy a selfish craving. This is a true measurement to gauge where your energy is focused. So I say “reach for the stars” just know if no one else truly benefits from it, it’s probably selfish.

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