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To Be A Pilgrim', John Bunyan's Famous Hymn – A Nondual Commentary

'Who would true valour see',

Those who wish to become fearless,

'Let him come hither;'

Let them see what’s already here,

'One here will constant be,'

Pure Awareness – The constant, conscious, perceiving presence,

'Come wind, come weather.'

Unaffected by whatever may occur within It.

'There's no discouragement'

When identified with, and as, This nothing can discourage one

'Shall make him once relent'


'His first avowed intent,'

The avowed intent,

'To be a pilgrim.'

To remain as Pure Awareness and investigate That, and what being That entails.


'Whoso beset him round'

Those, mainly ones own ego, who assail one

'With dismal stories'

With dismal stories concerning self-image, self-interest, the past, projections regarding the future etc.

'Do but themselves confound;'

Create needless mental suffering;

'His strength the more is.'

Whereas being Pure Awareness makes one fearless.

'No lion can him fright,'

For That is beyond the physical and is enduring,

'He'll with a giant fight,'

Nothing can deter one from being That,

'But he will have a right'

And as such retaining the right

'To be a pilgrim.'

To continue the investigation into the limitless Absolute.


'Hobgoblin, nor foul fiend,'

No Maras, mind created ‘demons'.

'Can daunt his spirit:'

Can affect or deter one:

'He knows, he at the end'

For one knows that Pure Awareness is eternal

'Shall life inherit.'

And thus ones essence cannot die.

'Then fancies fly away,'

Then stories and projections

'He'll fear not what men say,'

And the opinions of others lose their weight,

'He'll labour night and day'

One will remain vigilant

'To be a pilgrim.'

To remain as That and continue the investigation.

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