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A Creation Myth - Driven by Unrequited Love and Unfulfilled Creativity

Consciousness slumbered on at rest as Pure Awareness, the constant subjective presence; but, as there were no objects, no experience occurred … nothing happening … Nothingness Itself. Then desiring to ‘know Itself’ It stirred, restless with unrequited love … for this Awareness is the lover but where was the beloved? Impetus was added to this stirring by unfulfilled creativity, for if This is the creator where was its creation? However, this stirring, a movement in the unmoving, unlocked vast amounts of the infinite potential (dark) energy which are a property of Consciousness Itself. Cosmic energy manifested, movements in That, myriad vibrations were unleashed and creation occurred. From this initial movement, some call it the ‘big bang’, universes, galaxies, star systems evolved from the energetic torrent that poured forth through the rent in the Unmanifest as more potential energy became potent, or more of the dark energy became ‘light’. Thus the beloved, Consciousness in motion - The Creation was born: an expression of, and from, the lover Consciousness Itself. For all movement arises from stillness, exists in a substratum of stillness, can be seen relative to that stillness, and finally returns to stillness when its (manifest) energy is exhausted.

So for love ‘creation’ occurred and love is the glue that holds it all together; for material attraction, gravity, is necessary to hold galaxies, star systems and solar systems together and to keep our feet on the ground! But also creativity, through wonder and enthusiasm, is also vital for this - an aspect of the boundless energy that causes the universe to keep expanding, rearranging, recreating and evolving.

Within this we seem to be just specks of dust, of no significance, in an ever expanding universe of immense proportions. However, we are expressions of That through which It can behold Its beloved (the manifestation) and through which It can continue creating (the beloved) by the use of human creativity … For every sensation, thought and mental image appears in Awareness, as we are aware of them; and everything that we ‘create’ also appears in Awareness, along with the whole creation process … Actually as Awareness (the constant conscious subjective presence) is our deepest essence, it is in fact That which is creating and beholding … thus fulfilling its creative urge and having Its love requited by the sheer joy and wonder of the beholding …

Even at the so called ‘human level’ love and creativity are the most powerful positive forces that motivate us, and unrequited love and unfulfilled creativity can be very damaging but can also be tremendous ‘spurs’ to drive us on to find the beloved or begin creating.

A scenario for creation (among many) based on the realizations that we are Pure Awareness, in essence, and that our body/minds are instruments through which That (Consciousness) can experience and enjoy Its own manifestation. It also borrows from the Upanishadic idea that creation occurred because That wished to ‘know’ Itself. Judaism also had the idea that ‘God made the universe because it pleased Him to do so and for His enjoyment’ and the belief that man is ‘a partner to God in the act of creation’ . They also believe that we are His servants: ‘For they are my servants whom I took out from the land of Egypt’ (Leviticus 25 v.42), this plus the fact that God is believed to be immanent and omniscient could imply that He experiences and acts in the world through us when we are aligned with his will.

The idea of the creation taking place so that the Absolute could ‘know Itself’ also occurs in Islam, especially in Sufism:
'Do not look on the things of this world as independent realities for they are all in fact entirely dependent for their existence on the Hidden Treasure whose Glory they were created to reveal’. This is backed up by Surah 17 v.44. This Hidden Treasure, according to the Hadith, ‘desired to be known therefore I created the creatures in order that I might be known.’
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