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Beneficial Living:

Without investigating the way your life is lived leaves it up to happenstance that it’s being lived in the most beneficial way. Your mind is your greatest asset, yet very few know its true value...

It’s a lot easier to go with the flow of the conventional way of thinking than to look inward at your own mind. Anyone who doesn't agree with this conventional way is looked at as strange, but I ask you this, how much of this conventional way is actually beneficial? Before developing the coping mechanisms that are now in place, how much investigation was put into these mechanisms; they are what controls your life. Not many would invest money, get married, have children, by a house, take a job, etc. before doing some investigation, but not much investigation is given to your behavior. This is what truly needs to be investigated if you ever want to understand your life.

Life isn't magical with some having more magic than others. Life is life, pure and simple and it will not be lived in the most beneficial way without doing the things that allow this. You can either cooperate with life and make it more beneficial or you can be controlled by a mind that doesn't want you to investigate why you do what you do. If you’re content with life so be it, but I haven't met one single person who at some point in their life hasn't reached outside themselves to fill a lack. This is not contentment, that is an agitation of the mind that few truly understand. Not because they can't, but because this agitation is not given the time needed to investigate it and find real answers, not the make believe ones that you’re probably living by right now. Investigate this for yourself and see that although the body is always in the present moment, it’s where the mind is that determines your life, and you only have to be honest with yourself to see if you’re living your life in the most beneficial way...

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