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A United Itinerary:

Our strength is in our unity. Although there's nothing wrong with individuality, changing the world is so much more powerful when it’s linked in unity for the soul purpose of spreading love...

If you think you have an individual itinerary to change the world you will be largely disappointed, not in your effort, but in the results of the world not changing. This is a large part of the problem of the world to begin with, individual itineraries. There is way to much energy wasted on these; if the world is to change it has to be done in unity. We all need to have a united heart and give that unity to the heart of others. This unity is from the Universe and it is the awakened heart that realizes this. An awakened heart is not limited to certain religious belief or mind made concepts, it is open to anyone who has purity of heart, and the only way for it to be pure is to remove its pollutants. An example of this would be polluted water: Nothing has to be added to polluted water to return it to its natural state of purity, all that needs to be done is to remove the pollutants.

To many of us isolate ourselves and with certain religious belief and concepts that actually becomes a deterrent to spreading the unity in our hearts. Although religion is a great way to develop the discipline needed to quiet the mind, it is the Universe that is of unity, not some dogma or doctrine made up by what someone thinks. The Universe is our guide, but the mind has to be very quiet to see where the guidance leads. I don't mean a made up guidance to make a person feel they are doing their part, I mean a guidance that is of unity and nothing else. No doing, just unity. When you die that's all that you leave behind is you unity with others. Nothing else really means that much. If the world ended tomorrow and whose to say it won't, what did all your individual itinerary accomplish, except maybe to say "I know I did my part" whatever that means.

The only thing that matters in life is to understand a united awakened heart and to learn to remove all the pollutants so unity is emitted to all beings; this is the Universe's doing not ours. What I share is a message of unity, but it’s not my unity, its the unity of the Universe. Of myself I can do nothing but self seek. It is through the surrendering of the heart that the Universe will find the best possible way to use you, but what that results in is up to the Universe not some individual itinerary. Our unity is our strength and it is our self serving itinerary that keeps us from being utilized to the fullest...

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