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Cultivating Now:

To be conditioned is to be human and it’s the influences of your conditioning that determines the base of your existence. If it isn't living Now than Now needs to be cultivated for it to be so...

No one is beyond their mind becoming conditioned. Whether you want to believe this or not doesn't make the mind any less conditioned. As a matter of fact the less conditioned you think you are the more you’re in the grasp of the conditioning. No one is beyond the conditioning because no one is beyond being human. No matter how much stuff we make up in our head we will always be human in the period of time that we are in this form, and when conditions change and this form is no longer supported, our humanness ends. This is another part of life that makes us different, we all have our own time period of existence, but this is beyond most of our control. When it’s time to go, we go. The more its resisted the harder it is to let go, but it doesn't stop it from happening, it just causes suffering.

What’s of importance is learning to be in alignment with Now while we are here. Not for any other reason except that this is the only place where life can be experienced to the fullest. The moment we live in a conditioned way that takes us from Now we’re out of alignment with ourselves and if we aren't aligned with ourselves there's no way we can be alignment with others. The value in understanding this isn't to live some fairy tale life, but to have the awareness of a mind that's has been conditioned to self serve and cause our own suffering. If you’re to be free of the self serving conditioning the conditioning of Now has to be cultivated. Because we are all human no one is beyond the conditioning, but no one is also beyond being in totally alignment with Now and living life to the fullest no matter how conditioned they are, but it will only happen if living Now is cultivated...

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