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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:04 am

Love Yourself As You Are:

You can only act in ways that arise from within you. A trigger activates your Conditioned Mind and you act accordingly. Love yourself as you are and as the mind settles what needs changing will change...

Unity with others is dependent on learning to love yourself unconditionally because if you don’t love yourself there is no way you will love others. If you judge your unity with others will be fleeting at best. Unity with humanity doesn't start with humanity, it starts with you because if you can't love yourself as you are, there's no way we will be able to love anyone as they are. You may be able to tolerate them for a time if they’re as you want them to be, but they remaining that way will also be fleeting at best. This ability to love yourself will only occur when you know our own mind, and only in the sense of how it’s the cause of not loving yourself.

Think of this, when you do something that's not beneficial to you it originates from you. You unconsciously do things that aren’t beneficial to your own well being; this is done all the time. These acts come from your own mind, but it’s not what you do that causes an issue, it's wanting what you do to be different which is impossible because it has already has been done, this is what causes you issue. So love yourself as you are and the next time something triggers your Conditioned Mind to do something that's not beneficial to you, you may be able to pause and not do it. If you do do something that's not beneficial, accept it, love yourself, and move on. When the mind settles enough through loving yourself, what’s within you will change on its own because of the understanding you are perfect just as you are simply because it’s what's there...

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