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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:40 am

No Story Contentment:

Early on the mind becomes conditioned to create stories, these are then used to make you believe they're needed for contentment, but the story of needing to be content is the exact reason you aren’t...

You are the creator of the belief that you aren't content and a story is needed. You can create any story you like, just understand if you don't create a story you will not shrivel up and disappear, all that will happen is you will be content. We'll use the example of someone bringing in bagels to work; from there the story you create about bagels is nothing more than that, a story. Maybe you create a story that you love bagels and there just so happens to be your favorite kind in the bag; a cinnamon raisin bagel. After all is said and done if you don't create the story about the bagels, they will still exist, they just won't have any control over you because there won't be any attachment to it.

Eat a bagel, don't eat a bagel, the point of this example is to show how the created story becomes the created attachment which is what makes you want a bagel. Substitute anything you want for the bagel, it's all the same. Stories are the essence of the Conditioned Mind. This isn't something to believe, it’s something to just be aware of so you can stop creating your stories. These stories which are created by your own mind, makes the world delusional and it keeps you in bondage to this delusional world. If you think this doesn't pertain to you that's just another story that keeps you from being content, but beyond the story you are content, it's just not realized because of the need to create a story...

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