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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:41 am

Blessed is Being Alive:

Simply being alive is a blessing because it will not always be so. Having life a certain way doesn't make it a blessing, life makes life a blessing because without life nothing else would be...

No one is more blessed than another, the Universe doesn't operate that way. Nothing is truly personal, it simply is. No one is given a better gift of life than someone else. Whoever is alive at this time is gifted and when you pass on, you’re still blessed. The blessing that you existed never dies, it’s just passed on, but there are consequences for everything that you do in life. When things are done in a gluttonous way, to satisfy your self with over indulgence behaviors, the results will not be beneficial. When you do things that put you in cooperation with the Universe, things work out so much better for all involved. It’s not a happenstance blessing when this happens, we make it happen by being in harmony with Universal Love. Just like when you do things in a gluttonous way, the misfortune that you receive from this is of your own doing. So it’s not because life is a certain way that you are blessed, it’s simply that you are alive and it will not always be so you are truly blessed.

I often hear people say they are blessed because of this or that, but what happens if those things are taken away? As a child I often heard "If you have your health you have everything” what I say is "If you are alive you have everything because one day it simply will not be so." If you want to put conditions on your life for it to be a blessing that’s up to you, but it’s heart breaking to watch people do this to themselves. It’s done all the time, only because most people don't understand their own mind. To me being alive is our blessing, nothing more is necessary. I’m truly blessed because I’m alive, not because life has given me things. Life happens, not to me, but to life itself. When I pass on life will still be, just not with me...

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