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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:42 am

A Delusional Reality:

When there isn't an association to “I” there isn't any attachment. The “I” is what creates the delusion that what occurs in life is real. Things do occur, but they only control you in an “I” based delusional reality...

Two people are waiting for a bus, the bus is late. One person is really annoyed, the other isn't. Same situation, but the annoyed person relates the bus being late to “I” and the other doesn't. This is how attachment is formed and although there is a reality to the bus being late, it’s based in the delusion created by the Conditioned Mind that what goes on in life really matters. I know it seems like so much matters, but that's because what goes on is in association to “I”. This world has been in existence for many many years and all the people before us thought what was going on with them also really mattered and to their “I” it did, but it didn't matter to life.

This is a delusional reality. Sure life is real and all that happens seems real, but real to what extent? Real to the extent of how it’s associated with “I” and how this “I” is attached to more so than with what is actually occurring. This is what makes it delusional. It’s only real to the individual who is attaching to it. In the case of the bus, it was just late according to a schedule, the attachment to “I” is what created the story. No I, no attachment, no story, no created suffering. Granted the bus is still late, but the situation isn't allowed to grab a hold and control your emotions. This not being controlled by your emotions doesn't make you less than, it allows you to be with the true reality of what is actually occurring instead of the delusional reality created by your “I” attachments...

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