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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:43 am

Mechanism of Love:

If your life is to be an example of love, love will have to be the mechanism of what's at your base. No instrument can play itself and you cannot be an example of love if love isn't in your heart...

To be an example of love means one thing and one thing only and that’s to be a mechanism of love in all that you do. This isn’t a love that’s manufactured by you, it arises from stillness and simply comes through your heart. It doesn't mean you have to make others follow your way because the most important thing to realize is this is not your way. It’s loves way and that is what everyone should be following. To be a mechanism of love implies to be an example. No instrument can play itself. The better the musician the more beautiful the music. So it is with us, the freer you are of the self serving mind by relying on the mechanism of love, the more your life will be an example of love. Remember no instrument can play itself, but things need to be done so it stays finely tuned. Even a master musician has a difficult time producing beautiful music with an instrument that’s out of tune. Music will still be produced because you are alive and life is lived, but since your actions aren't based in love you just won't be an example to others nor will it reach the true beauty that the instrument (you) are capable of producing. Your full potential won't be realized because an untuned instrument can only produce what’s there.

A life that isn't based in love cannot produce love so the journey to be an example of love will manifest when you live as the mechanism necessary for this to occur; an emptying of your heart will be needed so love can fill it up. If you’re not totally empty of your self centeredness you will not be totally filled by love. It’s in love that all life exist, it’s in love that your life becomes a true example. If you’re not a mechanism of love you will continue to be filled by a self serving mind and you will be a mechanism and example to satisfy your self...

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