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Post by Pravin Kumar » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:54 am

Outer View Delusion:

An inner view is the only way life can be lived without distractions from the outside. These outer distractions are the source of all our created stories and keep you in bondage to a delusional view...

It seems creating stories is just a part of our development, but this just isn't so. To stop creating stories it has to be known why they are created in the first place. What makes a person think a story is needed as opposed to living a peaceful existence without a story. For many years this wasn’t given much thought, it was just assumed this was the way life was. One day with life exactly how it was wanted and limited happiness, self investigation (looking inward) began which produced real answers and changed my view of life from an outer to an inner view.

I found that the stories I made up were strictly because of the outer view. An outer view was developed that always attached a story to what was happening. This is a natural occurrence for an outer view; the two go hand in hand. Think about this, anything viewed out there immediately has a story attached to it. See this for yourself, try not to attach a story to something you are viewing as out there. See this truth and see your path to freedom. A story is created because the mind is agitated and doesn't know how to be still. A story is you convincing you that there’s something out there that you need. These delusional needs arise from the outer view created by the Conditioned Mind. The mind has to be taught the need isn't real and nothing more is truly needed; excluding the basics necessities. When there isn't a delusional need there isn't a delusional story. The stories cease when the view turns inner and you realize nothing is needed because you are complete right now. You don't have to add anything for completeness. You can make all the improvements you want, but they don't make you more complete. You are complete right now just as you are and only a delusional story tells you different...

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