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Acting as Conditioned:

Everyone is conditioned to act in certain ways and justify it, yet things are said like I wish I hadn't or I shouldn't have done that. Unless this is realized, you will continue to act and justify the way you have been conditioned to act...

If a person is conditioned to act in a certain way, it shouldn’t be a surprise when they act that way. When the conditioning is to love that'll be how they act, but no one has the right to judge or label any behavior as wrong because most likely the person is just doing what their conditioning tells them what to do; as we all do. People who judge others do the same things as the ones they’re judging, but it is only looked at as wrong because that’s the way they’re justifying their own behavior. How much validity can we truly put in someone who is just as conditioned as the person they are judging? The only difference in people is the way they’re conditioned, this makes everyone justify why different things are used, but we all succumb to our Conditioned Mind as no one I’ve come across walks on water.

We do what we do because it’s what we have learned, but understand that others do what they do because it’s what they have learned. When the mind settles down enough this will be understood. If you’re always listening to what you’re conditioning tells you, it's because your mind doesn’t have the discipline to be still, and if you can't be still, you will always succumb to whatever conditioning you have in place. Sitting in quiet doesn't magically settle the mind. What the sitting does is it allows you to become more aware of just how unsettled your mind is. The meditative state of sitting is a discipline; living life daily is where the results show up. If the mind is quiet for an hour of sitting, but noisy throughout the day, there's not much benefit to that. Stillness has to be your forte if we are to truly understand your life. This is not an understanding of life itself, it’s you understanding you. So sit when it’s time sit. Work when it’s time to work, but bring in the stillness of sitting to work, or whatever it is that you’re doing. Stillness has to come first for there to be love because without it the Conditioned Mind rules, and although the results of our behavior may be different depending of our conditioning, we all listen to the same self serving puppeteer...

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