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Arisen Reactions:

Reactions aren't caused by outside things, they're the result of what’s already within you. It's as though you don't have a choice, but you do, you just don't have the discipline for this to be realized...

Reactions are not a projection of the circumstances that seem to be causing them. Whatever happens in life, whatever some people say or do that generates a reaction from you, it arises from you; it’s already in place just waiting to be triggered. It seems it’s caused by something from the outside, but it isn't. Nothing that happens results in our reactions, it’s the way we're Conditioned that makes you react in the ways that you do; you control what controls you if you know what it is that’s controlling you. If you don’t know, life's circumstance will control you, whether it has to do with an event or people, you’re the only one giving power to your emotions to be controlled by outside circumstances, but understand whatever it is that sways you from your inner peace is already there. The Conditioned Mind is insidious (which means lying in wait) and will wait for you to be at your most unaware point so it can sway you from your inner peace; the less you realize this the easier it is to be swayed.

To me discipline is the only way around this. If you want to have any semblance of control over your reactions, you will have to cultivate what gives you control. You don't gain control by adding anything, you have to remove what’s already there. The conditioning that controls you needs to be realized so you can stop be swayed by it. Understand nobody conditioned you on purpose, you are the one who put your conditioning in place, regardless if it was done consciously or unconsciously. Remove what’s there that causes you to react in the ways that you do and your arisen reactions will not respond to things the way they once did. Just understand, no person, place, or thing controls you unless it’s allowed and who allows it but you...

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