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Serving the Universe:

What’s of importance in life is from the Universe because it serves the Universe. No human can validate what’s important no matter how much value is put on your own self proclaimed importance...

It’s been my experience that not many people really look beyond their own self proclaimed importance and the more self proclaimed life is, the less truth there is to validate life. I'm not really sure who gets what out of what I write, but I know it helps me immensely. My writings reinforce what arises from the quietness in my life, and what has been arising more and more is seeing how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things, and if the importance of myself wanes what someone else thinks of me has even less significance. It’s more important to remain quiet then to accomplish something or to be validated by someone else, which will only be used to create my self proclaimed importance. Quietness is truly the only thing of importance because it’s when you’re in harmony with the Universe. It’s when the Universe can use you to serve the Universe you will understand what’s truly important.

Today life is, tomorrow it isn’t, what’s important serves the Universe; to be in harmony with it is all that matters. If you think there are things you need to do that puts you in harmony with life, you are gravely mistaken. Quietness simply puts you in harmony with it, not accomplishing things or being validated by a world that thinks they are qualified to validate their own self proclaimed important and thus they think they have power to put a label on what you do as important. You give people control over you, by allowing them to judge what you do and make it important or not, but the Universe doesn't judge you, you do.

Whether it is realized or not the Universe is our master. When you trust in it, it will make everything you do important because what you do arises from it. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you arose from the Universe, regardless of what you make important you will leave this world as you have entered it, empty of what you think is important. So remember this reality, if you think what you do or have done in your life is so important or if you are waiting for the self proclaimed people of importance to validate you, it will be a grave misgiving because the only thing that is truly important serves the Universe. After all everything belongs to the Universe and regardless of what is made important when your existent in this form is complete, you will return from whence you came...

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