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Changing Your Future:

If you want your future to be different, you'll need to understand your place in the Universe and learn to stop your individual and collective cycles that allow history to be repeated again and again....

In this vast Universe that goes on to infinity, our planet is a mere speck in the grand scheme of things. I know we think we are so important, but in the blink of an eye entire civilizations have become extinct. The Roman Empire, Inca's, Aztec's, Phoenicians, Mayans, Babylonians to name a few, I'm sure they all thought they were so important, but none are here now to reiterate this. To put things in their proper perspective one must reflect on what has gone on before us and what affect it has in what’s going on now. If you really look into this you will see only the players change, history pretty much just repeats itself again and again.

Until our human conditioning changes our future will stay the same because our history will stay the same. When the worlds history is based in greed, hate, and delusion, behavior will manifest in that form. Here's a story I like to tell: Man first ate vegetation to live, one day he saw a rabbit and made a trap for it so now there was meat added to his diet. As he was eating his rabbit another man came upon him and picked a rock and proceeded to kill the man eating the meat just because it was easier than trapping his own rabbit. It’s a shame, but this story isn’t that far fetched. We are one species on this tiny planet and until this is realized and we stop being controlled by a mind of individual cycles which is to strictly satisfy our self, our planet and its people as a whole will suffer, and one day just like that like many civilizations before us we will become extinct. The thing that we can do that others before us haven't done is live a life based in love that puts us in unity with all beings so we stop the cycle of history repeating itself and give our future the chance it truly deserves...

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