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No Arranging Needed:

The more you try to arrange life to be a certain way, the more you will struggle with life not being a certain way. When you are with life as it is life is arranged as it needs to be...

What’s most important about becoming aware of the Conditioned Mind and how it controls every facet of life is being able to break the hold it has over the inner psychic. There are Conditioned Mind Patterns that may always be in place because of how deeply engrained they are in the subconscious; becoming aware is freeing in your reactions because you’re not controlled as you once were. It’s a process to notice more and more what has a hold on you. It’s not like awareness is a one shot deal which makes everything all better. Most of us took years to get to the self serving state that we're in. It’s not that it’s a bad or good thing, it’s just what’s in place. The important thing is to notice how it blocks you from truly living life.

Your conditioning puts you in this little world by being controlled by a Conditioned Mind which works so hard to keep it this way. A huge part of the conditioning is the mind making you think using things is the only way to be happy, but this is a conditioned lie; you’re constantly trying to arrange life to suit your Conditioned Mind. Our true essence of stillness doesn't need these arrangements, it’s already happy and at peace; only the Conditioned Mind needs to keep arranging life to be a certain way. This is the delusion of your conditioning, but the reality is we need nothing to be happy, we need nothing to be at peace. Unless you break the hold of your Conditioned Mind Patterns (one at a time) you will always need, but the unfortunate thing here is even if you have it all you still won’t be happy or at peace. So understand you already have it all and the only arranging you’ll ever truly need is enjoying whatever life throws at you...

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