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Post by Pravin Kumar » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:00 am

A Created Charade:

Your life is a created charade until you learn to live it from a base of love, and it will be at this point that your created charade will drop away and your true self will emerge...

Life is a created charade until it drops away and your true self emerges. This can be today or it can be when your existence ends, but one day your created charade will drop away. Unless you are raised from the beginning of your life to love your charade will change many many times to meet situations as they occur. Definition of charade: an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance. Who can claim to not have created a charade to cope with life as situations occur that we don't particularly care for.

You see creating a charade is a given because unless you have learned to live a life of love, there is no true base to existence. Love is the only reality that doesn't need to be created, this is why when you love your true self emerges. If you don't love you’re not living, you’re alive, but only through love can you live. You can be alive for a thousand years, but if you don't love you haven't lived one day. This is not something I made up, it’s the law of existence.

Nothing in life is real but love. If everyone's life was based in love the world would be much different, but it’s not so the world itself is a created charade because of the lack of love of it’s inhabitants. This is why you keep chasing after things because even the world tells you a charade is needed. What you are really chasing is love, you just don't realize this and because this isn’t realized you create a charade because it’s what you have learned to do to cope with life situations as they occur. You can only do what you have learned to do and if you haven't learned to love then you have learned to create charades.

The most important lesson you will learn in life is to love, nothing else that is learned is useful. This is why a charade is created because if you aren't living to love, you are living in a world of confusion of learning to create a charade to make life suit you. When you learn to love, there is no more seeking, no more searching, no more charade. Love and your true self emerges or not and continue a life of a created charade until that one day when your charade drops away, whenever that may be...

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