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One Rule:

To live life to the fullest there must be alignment with love so it can occur. This is a dilemma because through the Conditioned Mind most people are aligned to self serve...

There’s one rule that allows you to live your life to the fullest and that rule is, you must do the things that put you in alignment with love. If this rule isn't followed, it will be difficult to live a full and satisfying life; by satisfying I mean being an instrument of love. The isn't done by doing certain things, it’s done by not doing certain things which will allow alignment to love; you can't love anymore than what's in your heart. Doing endless goods deeds will not add one iota of love to your heart, but when the good deeds are done naturally from the base of love it’s automatically from the heart. By doing the good deeds from your heart, love emerges by itself. This is not the conventional way of approaching life, but it’s the way I have found that works the best for putting me in alignment with love.

The major dilemma with this is through our Conditioned Mind we have learned to do things to self serve. When we do this we have no time to think of others because we are too busy thinking about ourselves. Most of life is spent thinking of and finding ways to satisfy ourselves. Even if you’re on a journey to help others, there has to be an awareness of the attachment that the self serving mind conjures up to make it about satisfying yourself. There’s a fine line between the self serving mind and the love serving mind. With practice you can see the difference and stop the one that doesn't really align you with life or others, but if all you’re thinking about is doing things that are strictly a benefit to you there won't be any room to think about being a benefit to others. If self serving is the rule that you’re living life by, you will not be doing the things necessary that put you in alignment with love and so life will not be lived to the fullest nor will it be as satisfying as it should be...

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