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Post by Pravin Kumar » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:02 am

Natural State of Love:

Our natural state is to love so it would be safe to say that the reason we don't is because somewhere in our upbringing we were misguided and veered off course...

There’s no one to blame for how you are. Being conditioned has been going on since the beginning of humanity or since the serpent tricked Eve who tricked Adam to eat the apple, if that is your belief. Regardless of how it started, it’s how it is now. That’s where our focus needs to be, not how it happened, but how can we get back on track.

Our natural state is to love so we only need to get back to our natural path. We don't need to add anything, we just need to remove what has misguided us. Going back to the story of Adam and Eve, it’s humanity to a tee. Adam and Eve become misguided. they both did something that was self serving and it knocked them from their path of love which caused them to suffer for the rest of their lives; as the story goes. Sounds eerily familiar, but unlike the story of Adam and Eve there’s a way to return to your natural state of love, but only if you’re willing to go through the eye of a needle; that's what it will take.

My writings and my book “It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts” are tools to point you to your natural state of love. The rewards for doing this are so great that you go back to the time of the innocence of a little child. At some point in our life we were all like this, but somewhere along the way we become misguided and lost our way. Are you willing to do what is necessary to get back to your natural state of love, or will you continue to be misguided and live a self serving existence that keeps making you reach for an apple in whatever form it takes on...

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