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An Agitated Response:

No one truly responds to what happens in life, you respond to the mind becoming agitated and wanting that moment to be different. You are alive, but your agitated responses block you from truly living...

You are alive, but the question is are you truly living? It is one of the most difficult questions to find an answer to because who can truly define what it means "to truly live". I have found certain things that are needed to be mindful of life occurrences so it can be lived to the fullest. One of these is the development of discipline of what to do when the mind becomes agitated. The hardest thing to do is nothing, but that is exactly what’s needed when the mind becomes agitated.

Definition of Agitation - Something that is stirred up or turbulent. When this happens to our mind how you respond is what shapes your life. We don't respond to what happens in life, we respond to the mind becoming agitated. If the agitation never arose there wouldn't be the knee jerk responses and without the response the only thing there would be is peace; this will take more discipline than most people have. The only reason we react to anything is because of our mind agitations. Try and do nothing, I mean nothing at all, just sit and be mindful of the moment. Without the practice of sitting this discipline is nearly impossible. If you want to change things, learning to recognize the responses to an agitation will have to become your life's practice. Without it the agitations will continue to be a block to living your life to the fullest.

This is why you reach for whatever it is you think you need; you are just responding to a mind agitation. Without it there would be no need for the reaching. Objects are not the only things reached for, talking about others, beating ourselves up, gaining our well-being by doing instead of being, searching for what it means to live, assigning our so called roles to ourselves, these are but a few of the responses to our mind agitations, everyone responds in their own way. You will need to investigate this for yourself if you really want answers, most won't go that deep inward. Looking at you is the hardest thing you will ever do, but it is where you will find out how not to give in when your mind becomes agitated...

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