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Post by Pravin Kumar » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:04 am

Only Room for Love:

Any inner lack is because of the absence of love. It’s created by our Conditioned Mind, but when the conditioning is changed the lack is removed and all you are left with is a heart of love...

When truth is revealed you will realize there is nothing lacking in you; you are perfect just the way you are. Nothing that the mind makes you believe can improve on what the Universe has created. The mind wants to arrange everything to where it makes you believe that it creates for you alone a perfect world, but that perfect world exists only in your mind. It wants every traffic light to be green and when it isn’t the Conditioned Mind will get agitated and some kind of flare up will ensue.

What flares up depends on the conditioning developed throughout your life. We are all conditioned to use whatever we think we need to either make ourselves feel complete or beat ourselves up, but regardless of which is used, at the core of a Conditioned Mind it’s all the same, it’s derived from an internal lack that really isn't there; you are just conditioned to believe it is.

When you start to understand this fictitious inner lack, you will be able to begin the necessary practice of discipline and quieting the mind so this inner lack is allowed to subside. Once this happens you become more in touch with what is actually occurring in you life instead of being controlled by the created lack made up by your Conditioned Mind. When you have no lack what is left is a peace that passes all understanding. When you are at peace, you are free to live and love the life that you are given. When you love your given life, you will want to share that love with all who are a part of it, and with love in your heart there won't be any room for you to create lack...

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