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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:45 am

Inner Child Innocence:

The more the self serving mind is in control, the more the light of your inner child is claimed by worldly desires and possessions and the less awareness there is that your inner child light exist...

Everyday is a time to reflect on the light of your inner child. We are all born of this light, but remaining aware of it determines how alive your inner child remains as a part of life. There are many traps that takes a piece of your inner child light and locks it away; very few traps takes it all at once. The self serving mind is developed and if this is followed unconsciously the inner child will be there beneath the surface; unseen. The Conditioned Mind takes on the role of trying to constantly arrange life to be a certain way, this is the baby in us, not the inner child.

Make no mistake between these two, the baby is self serving, wanting, and selfish. Our inner child is of light, it's loving, caring and innocent. Depending on your up bringing and whatnot determines how much of your inner child is seen. To understand this is to know yourself and when you know yourself you can develop discipline to reverse the process that traps your inner child light. The more this is done, the more your inner child is present so the light of a loving, caring, and innocent person shines forth as when life began.

If the light goes out, it can only be relit from within. The innocence of others can provide a spark to start this process, but it will be from the urging of your own inner child light that the process will expand. It's up to each individual to see their own light or not and remain entrapped to a life that is self serving, wanting, and selfish, but choose wisely because it will determine if you see not only your own inner child light, but also the light of the Universe...

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