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The Love of Now:

The measurement of a successful life is simply doing what’s in front of you and spreading that love; nothing else. If you don't agree try living without love and see how successful your life is...

Do what's in front of you. This is our purpose. You can make up a purpose in your head, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is your Universal Purpose. Regardless of what you think or make up, you can only do what's in front of you. You can wish for things to be the way you think they should be, just don't go back and try the impossible task of changing the past. Don't make up a story of what your life's purpose is, just do what's in front of you and watch how love arises. You can never be more successful in spreading love than doing what's in front of you. Living life as it is is as successful as you will ever be. The failure of any life is doing what you think you should be doing as opposed to allowing the Universe to be your guide. If you just do what's in front of you, you are being guided love.

There was a short period of time when my book was first published that it became my main focal point and I was trying very hard to promote it. My thinking was I needed the worlds approval for it to be a success. My book and my life are now dedicated to passing along what the Universe has revealed to me by simply doing what's in front of me and spreading love; not trying to get an unconscious world to understand a book about consciousness. I wanted it to succeed and I was gauging its success by the approval of others, not understanding their unconsciousness. This short period was about two months. One day while sitting in quiet I realized my book was already a success and its love was being spread. I also realized it didn't need anyone’s approval so by focusing on wanting it to be successful I was missing its success and the impact it was having on people; those results are from the Universe not from me. It’s not doing something to gain the worlds approval that makes life a success, it’s just doing what's in front of you, that’s what makes life successful. It may not be a society measurement, but it is a measurement of love. Doing what’s in front of you is a loving measurement of a successful life, if you don't think this is true try living without love and see how successful your life is...

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