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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:49 am

Noise is Different:

Even in quietness there’s noise, but it depends on your base that determines how it affects you. The Universe produces a lot of noise, but the affects are much different than the created noise of the world...

I really enjoy listening to the sounds of the Jersey shore. They have such a calming affect on me which allows me to reflect on the way my view of life is so different than eleven years ago. In August it will be sixty-one years that I am in this current form so a good portion of my life has passed. This is not an issue with me because the life I am now living is perfect, not because it’s the way that it’s wanted, its perfect simply because I have a view that doesn’t need anything different; it’s a life of perfection because it’s being lived as it unfolds. If I have the sounds of the shore as the background sounds that’s the way it is, but it doesn't have to be this way in order for it to be perfect. If I was somewhere else and the background sound was someone snoring it would be just as perfect because regardless if things are as they are wanted, they will always be as they are. The way they are is perfect whether you like it or not.

Life is as it is and that’s how it should be lived. This makes all of life a blessing when what is is accepted. The accepted life is a life of peace. You can have the ocean right outside your window, but if the air conditioning is desired, the ocean will not be heard. It will still be there, but taking advantage of its calming affect will be lost in the earthly desire of being comforted by the air conditioner; this is what we give up when we conform to the world, the natural blessings of the Universe. The connection we get by listening to the sounds of the Universe is always available, but it will take discipline to not attach to worldly noise to notice it. When you conform to worldly noise it’s what you will need for satisfaction. When you hear the sounds of the Universe, it’s the Universe that satisfies you which provides so much more satisfaction even though this isn't known until the mind gets quiet enough to understand this. Listen to the sounds of the Universe and connect to all of life or listen to the worldly noise and connect with worldly desires. It’s your choice, just understand what is listened to will be the very thing that will either bring you satisfaction or not...

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