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Post by Pravin Kumar » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:51 am

Quenching Your Thirst:

Anything from the outside will never quench the thirst of your heart. The thirst can only be satisfied when there’s a practice to go inward, to the heart itself...

Until the unconscious mind awakens to its own consciousness it is nearly impossible to change its habitual behavior. You get caught in a trap created by your own mind to look for something that is already within you; the trap being your answers are outside somewhere. Whatever is used from out there will never fill what is missing within. Even the made up concept of God is formed from the outside. Anything used from an outside source will not give you any answer that is being searched for because you can not quench a thirst by just looking at a bottle of water.

Going inward frees you from the trap that your answer is outside of you and also by going inward you tap into a reservoir of truth so you will never be thirsty. It’s not that you don't keep on learning and expanding, but it’s not a search, it’s an internal knowing that you are complete right now and nothing can add to your completeness. Only when you look outside yourself are you incomplete; it’s this view that causes you to create a trap. It’s not an object, it’s the outside view that’s at the core of why you think you need to search for anything to begin with.

If you don't realize that you already are all the you are, nothing and I mean nothing will make this occur. Not money, a better job, a more understanding spouse, or whatever it is that’s being used, not even the made up belief in God. If you want your life to be based in something made up that’s your business, but just understand when you’re thirsty it’s why your thirst is never quenched. If you want to get out of this trap at some point you will you will have start looking inward because this is where you answers have always been, it’s just that your developed view has kept you in the created trap that your answers are outside of you...

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