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Law of Existence:

If you’re to be an effective vessel in benefitting others, your foundation has to be based in a truth that provides love. The effectiveness of any life is a direct result of love from the Law of Existence...

It’s impossible to be all things to all people, so to know your deepest inner truth allows you to be true to yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks; who is drawn to you comes from their own inner truth. To know yourself is to develop the ability to remain true to yourself. Regardless of how you’re perceived by others it’s your deeper inner truth that’s your foundation. The more truth is known the deeper and more solid the foundation.

You can learn from others, but not by trying to conform to the way that they want you to be. You have to stick to truth that’s deeply known. The Conditioned Mind creates a world of surface lies and without going to a deeper level to really understand what’s true the surface lies become your truth and your foundation for living. Watch what is held onto with a steadfast grip because if it’s a surface lie it doesn't matter how much perseverance you have it will not be a benefit to your life or the lives of others. Steadfast and perseverance are admirable traits, but only if they are backed by truth. Not yours or anyone else's, but the truth that's found in the stillness of the moment that allows you to enter a deeper place that few go.

Don't be taken back by what others do or say. When the foundation of their life is that of surface lies, then lies have to be the foundation of their life. Understand they aren’t at fault, they’ve been conditioned that way. Go deeper to a level of stillness that allows you to see truth and to have stillness as your foundation. The truth of all this is nothing happens that isn't of truth, but if the level of stillness isn't there, it will not be seen and it will never be seen except in the moment that is. Everything arises from the law of existence and when this truth is seen so will your freedom be seen...

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