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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:25 pm

Transforming Gift:

The greatest gift is when you touch another heart because this energy not only touches one heart it touches the heart of many, and it's this transforming energy that makes a difference...

What does it matter if you gain the whole world, but don’t love all beings. What happens if this occurs is by not loving all beings you lose your connection to life and without this connection, you’re lost. You can win championships, be a billionaire, and so forth, but you will still be lost; the world will never satisfy you, ever. A person cannot truly live without a connection to all beings, they can only exist. There's a touching of every heart when one is connected, this is the energy of unconditional love; freely given with no attached expectations. There is no greater gift bestowed upon a person than touching another person's heart and making a difference in their life; nothing compares to this.

This doesn't mean you will be loved back or agree with what everyone says and does, but if someone is truly touched by you to the core of their heart, their transformation has begun. There will be transforming energy emitted and one will never be as they previously were. Touching another's heart and making a difference in their life is the greatest gift bestowed upon a person because it opens the hearts energy that only comes from the transformation and connection of another heart. This energy is not a doing of the human will trying to attain something, it's a love that's not truly understood; it's so freely given that it has to be shared. Loves energy transforms heart’s so when you give love and someone is touched, it makes their life different and their transforming energy of love is returned to you. This is why and how it's becomes the greatest gift because it not only touches one heart, it touches many hearts and this is the transforming energy that truly makes a difference...

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