Learn meditation techniques to relax and improve your own thought processes.

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Learning to Float:

To go beyond thought is to be in harmony with life. Although everyone is of life's energy, you’ll need to learn how to cooperate with it so your energy is one of peace and not constant motion...

Beyond thought can be likened to the following example of learning to float. Imagine the ocean as life and you swimming in the ocean as your thoughts. You cannot swim without the ocean, but the ocean is not the swimming. It provides the place to swim, but not the swimming. You can swim forever, but it will only be a task that is using the ocean. As the swimming becomes tiresome you will need something to hold onto so you can rest (distractions). You can use many different things to accomplish this, but they are only temporary. What you can do to stop this incessant swimming and keep afloat without a struggle is learn to cooperate with the oceans energy and be in harmony with it. You can hope to find debris in the ocean to keep you afloat (more distractions) or you can turn over and float on your back. You’re still in the ocean, but now you simply align your energy with the oceans energy. You’re not fighting it or grasping and hoping for something to hold onto. You’re just floating on your back, allowing yourself to be at one with the ocean and thus you’re using your energy to be in harmony with the oceans energy.

Our thinking is like this; it’s energy. Life is also energy which doesn't need our thinking, but our thinking is from the energy of life. You can think forever, but it never becomes life although it's never separate from life. It's just that the thinking energy is always grasping for something to hold onto and doesn't align with life's energy. When you turn over your thinking energy, you’re in cooperation with the energy of life, this is when you’ll find a place that will allow you to be at peace. You’ll thus stop grasping for something that you think you need to keep you afloat and you simply turn over and align your energy with the energy of life, floating along as one...

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