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Understanding Impermanence:

The mountains you think need climbing are there because your Conditioned Mind created them. Through the understanding of impermanence you'll see your mountain can simply be side stepped...

Roughly sixty one years ago my existence in this form began and unbeknownst to me at the time it was going to take me forty nine years to learn what this existence is about; at least somewhat. To me it isn't about anything in particular or to accomplish great feats, it’s simply to live life to the fullest which can only be done when there isn't anything blocking this from happening. One of the lessons that has helped immensely with this is the understanding of impermanence. The realization that all things will pass including life itself is the key to a freedom that can only be understood when impermanence is understood.

Think of yesterday and all its created so called problems, can you even remember one of them. The saying "Time waits for no one" is probably one of the truest statements ever, regardless of what goes on in your life it will pass; the impermanence of things is where freedom lies. Even if you hold onto something, eventually it passes. The problem with this is we are conditioned to just pick up something else, that is unless there’s awareness that allows quietness in your life.

Without quietness everything becomes a mountain that needs climbing. This is what the Conditioned Mind does, it creates mountains. Without quietness the mind looks at something says its a problem and works vigorously to try and correct it. The opposite of a Conditioned Mind is a quiet mind, so you can see why a quiet mind is much more beneficial. A quiet mind understands impermanence and when impermanence is understood therein lies your freedom. You can only be in bondage if you are constantly looking for something to hold onto. Impermanence is the nature of life, your freedom is in this understanding, your captivity is in allowing your mind to create mountains so it has something to do. When you understand impermanence it’s not that you truly understand life, but you understand there really isn't anything worth holding onto especially because all things will pass including life itself...
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