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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:12 am

Validated Now:

If you’re always looking to what’s next for your validation maybe you shouldn't be doing what's next. What’s here now holds the key to your validation, what's next is the delusion that something else is needed...

Yesterday I got a call from the company I paid to published my book, they asked me what was next as far as my book was concerned, beyond returning to work Thursday I’m not sure. There is much freedom in this because not my book, or my job, or anything else that I do defines me. The world may attach definitions to certain things and they’re used to define yourself, but if the worlds validation is needed for what you’re doing maybe you shouldn't be doing what you’re doing.

There’s never a need to do the next of anything unless you think it’s necessary for your validation, and if you need it for validation you shouldn't be doing it because it isn't from the heart. You may make up a story to justify what you’re doing, though no one is the judge of that, but your own heart. If the Universe is truly your guide, then it’s from the Universe that all things occur. It doesn't mean you don't do, but what you do shouldn't be needed to validate yourself. The Conditioned Mind creates so much nonsense to keep you in your chains, but if you’re going to ever understand your completeness, the Universe has to be the one in control. It has to be the source of your validation if you are to be complete. Here’s why; if you look for your validation in anything else, it will not last because you will always have to do what’s next. Another book, another promotion, another client, another 12 step meeting, another spouse, another house, a vacation house, retirement, saving lost souls, retreats, meditation and on and on and on, but when the Universal Energy is where you derive your strength from, you will be validated because there won’t be an attachment to a you who is doing so there won't be a you who needs to be validated. When this is understood you will be complete because what to do next won't matter because you will not be relying on it for validation...

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