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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:13 am

I Am is Life:

Life doesn't need the answers that you seek to be, only the Conditioned Mind needs those answers. I Am; nothing more is needed because it already encompasses all that life has to offer...

I Am is the simplest yet most complex phrase that we will ever one upon. Simple when it’s understood, complex when it isn't. The complexity of it lies in its simplicity. I Am is natural state of existence. It’s the place where conditions were just right and our manifestation in this form began. It’s the place of non judgement, non bias. The place where there is no prejudice; in this place there is only Universal Love. This really isn't a place though because this is where you already are. There is just so much noise going on in between your ears that you most likely don't even know this exist. When it’s learned to allow the noise to subside, what you are left with is I Am.

Practice diligently to develop discipline so you can be in the place of truly existence, the moment of I Am. Most people live in a delusional state of the past or future, but with discipline you won't have to be in any place except where you are. Every other place is delusional. It’s your own mind that keeps us from this moment; your place of peace, I Am. It’s because of your conditioning that this occurs. Recondition the mind to remain in the present moment (I Am) and you will never leave this place of peace. In your I Am there's no wanting. When you don't want, its because you don't need. When you don't need you will be at Peace. In the state of I Am anything is possible because in this state you are in alignment with Universal Love and when you’re truly in alignment with love, you are in harmony with your life...

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