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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:14 am

Unconscious Opinions:

Opinions arise from an unconsciousness that keeps you locked in a world which allows for very little freedom. If you want freedom, your unconscious opinions have to stop so they’re not in control...

The more opinions you have about something the more you limit yourself to that opinion. Openness of something can’t be experienced if you’ve already decided how it is; to remain open you need to be opinion free. This is essential if you’re to be aligned with the Universe and be free from the things that hold you in captivity. The unconsciousness of those things that hold you need to be let go of if you are to be free. This hold is very subtle yet firm. Even the opinion whether you like this post or not is from unconsciousness; the purpose of an unconscious opinion is to keep something stuck. This post can resonate with you without an opinion, but opinions seem to make the world go round. That doesn't mean its a good thing, but that's just my opinion.

I know I lived an existence that was very unconsciously opinionated for most of my life and this caused much conflict with things not of the same opinion; wars are started over mere differences of opinions. If you are really honest with yourself you will see that every disagreement you ever had with someone was caused by the difference of an opinion about something. I'm not saying you shouldn't stand up if you know something is right, but truly knowing about something or having an opinion about it are not the same.

There is a place of no opinion, but if you don't understand this you will never become aware of this and you will stay stuck in an existence that's very opinionated. When this is the place you live from, there is very little freedom. When you can just be with life as it unfolds and not label it as this or that, you will be on the verge of truly experiencing an opinion free life without unconsciously grabbing a hold of everything you see and forming an opinion. You will then be free to be with life as it is and not need an opinion that just keeps you chasing your tail...

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