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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:15 am

Touching Hearts:

Completeness isn't something attained, it arises from the Universe in the energy of love and it’s only the love that’s in your heart that can touch the heart of another...

It’s a beautiful thing to help other people, it’s where inspiration and passion are derived from. If nobody got anything from what I shared I probably would have stopped long ago, but I don’t get my sense of well-being from sharing or anything else that I do. When I feel better (good) it’s because I’m m aligned with love. To me it doesn't matter what I do as long as what is done is aligned with love. I do what I do because that is what’s there. No one has to answer to anyone but themselves. If you are serving others it’s because you love, you already feel good and the serving is a result your alignment with love. If you’re doing it for accolades or awards or because you want to feel better, the feeling better will only last for a short time. Only the love that is from the heart can touch the heart.

There are organizations that are geared towards helping others and it’s a wonderful thing to help anyone who is in need in our human family, but if the help is just because you want to divert what’s going on with you so you can feel better, you ‘re still being controlled by the Conditioned Mind and this will only be a temporary fix; what’s from the heart last forever. Why you don't feel better (good) to begin with needs to be identified if you want to overcome this created lack that makes you have to do something to feel better. If you’re in need of something to be complete you will never be complete. This is because completeness isn't attained, it arises from the Universe. The real heartache is it’s already within you, it’s just being blocked from you being aware of it by your Conditioned Mind.

Understanding the quietness needed to understand this is essential if you are to understand the quietness needed to understand this. You are complete just as you are and nothing added will make you more complete then you are right now. The human dilemma is this: because of the way our conditioning controls us it makes us think we need to do to feel better (good), but we don't need to do anything to feel better, what we need is to learn to just be. In our being is our completeness, in our doing is our undoing. So just be and whatever arises you go do, but it isn't needed to feel better (good) because you’re already complete just as you are...

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