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Post by Pravin Kumar » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:16 am

Universal Heart:

To get beyond your Conditioned Thinking you must get beyond the noise in your head. You cannot live from the heart when the noise is in control. Be of stillness and you will be of your heart...

How does a person live from the heart? Living from the heart is a real place, not only is it real it’s also the only place that a person will ever truly experience peace. The mind will have to settle enough to a point where you have the awareness between living from the head and living from the heart. Both exist, but most are conditioned to live from the head; we make our thoughts our entire world. They form your belief systems and because they’re strictly from the head, your thoughts become the base of your existence. I was talking to someone about stillness the other day and his response was, "I have to think, who am I without thinking." This is our human dilemma, we have been programmed to believe that we have to think and we are our thoughts; this is what’s in controls of most people. This type of living is all in the head. The heart gets locked out with the head as the base of existence.

When you can get beyond this noise you will start to experience what it means to live from your heart, but this isn't a thought, it’s purely a place of stillness. The experience of living from the heart can't really be explained, it has to be experienced. It’s like trying to define truth or love, any words used don't really do it justice; it gets watered down using words to describe it. Find your place of stillness and you will find your heart. It’s there, but you have to be completely willing to let go of thinking if you are to experience it. A little stillness will not do. Only complete stillness will allow for the heart to overcome the head. Practice, practice, practice and one day your heart will open to a world that goes beyond anything the mind can conjure up. In stillness all of life arises, and all of life arises from the heart, but it’s not of your heart that this occurs, it’s the heart of the Universe. We are just a manifestation of the Universal Heart and it will only be in stillness that we will understand this from our own heart and experience living our life from here...

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