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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:28 pm

Life is Sacred:

Everyone is basically a servant to the Universe; existence is because of it. Whether you choose to be its servant or not will determine how mindful you are that your life is sacred...

Live and enjoy life just understand the origin of whence ye came. You are a servant to the Universe, to serve and to humbly walk your sacred life. It’s sacred because existence is temporary and it isn't a result of anything you did. If it’s spent trying to satisfy the self, you will not understand the sacredness of it, but if you live to serve the Universe your life will be saturated with love. You will understand life as few do and you will have a heart that wants to serve because of the understanding that to serve is the intended purpose of existence and the more you serve, the more aligned you are with Universal Love.

Jesus washed feet of others to show how to serve, this is the love and humility needed to serve others. Jesus’s teachings show how to be the "Master of Love" and they showed by example what to do. So much false pride gets in the way in our ability to love that we lose the awareness of how sacred life is. You are alive because of the Universe and without it you would not be, not matter how much pride you have. The Universe giveth and the Universe taketh away, such is the nature of this sacred life. The gift is all the stuff that goes on in between life and death which is sacred. The more mindful you are of this, the more you will serve...

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