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Skydiving Experience:

The mind loves logic, but sometimes caution has to be thrown to the wind to truly experience what it means to live. Holding onto a lifeline may keep you safe, but it also limits you...

One day last year my son who was to turn twenty three said he wanted to go skydiving for his birthday. My daughter also said she wanted to go and since both of them were going I figured why not and also signed up to go. I really didn’t give it much thought I just looked at it as something to do. It took us numerous attempts, but one year later we finally got good enough weather to skydive. I’m not a thrill seeking nor do I have a bucket list with things I want to do, but the adrenaline rush that was felt free falling for about thirty seconds from ten thousand feet was like nothing I have ever experienced; it’s difficult to put it into words. It was the most intense feeling of being in the present moment I’ve ever experienced. It showed me what being present is really all about. The nerves were there on the plane ride up and the higher we got the more present I had to stay so the nerves didn’t take over. Logically there was no reason to leave a perfectly good airplane, but sometimes logic has to be thrown out and you just have to do what’s in front of you.

Life is here to experience and that goes for whatever is being done. The mind loves logic and although there’s nothing wrong with logic, caution has to be thrown to the wind sometimes to truly experience living. Holding onto a lifeline may keep you safe, but it also limits you. I’m not saying everyone should go skydiving and jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but what everyone should do is get in touch with your creative energy and go with what arises. This is the energy that allows me to write as I do without any attachment. It’s where my book arose from. It’s the creative energy of the Universe and it’s in everyone. No one is more special than another, some are just a little more in touch with their creative side. If you truly want to live, in your creativity is where true existence abides, and who knows if your mind settles enough you just may write a book or jump out of a perfectly good airplane just because you can...

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