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Undisciplined Lack:

An undisciplined mind is your true adversary. It isn't the circumstances of life that cause you problems, problems are caused by an undisciplined mind making you believe things need to be different...

Your deep seated Conditioned Mind Patterns hold you in captivity to the I Self. The nature of the Conditioned Mind is to satisfy an I Self that feels a sense of lack; a lack that will try to be filled in one way or another. This lack is the energy that causes the Conditioned Mind Patterns to be formed. It was this sense of lack that controlled me for forty nine years.

I have come to understand that flare ups occur because your I Self doesn’t allow you to flow with the energy of life. It either erupts in the unconscious present or is stored, waiting for a future trigger and flare up to occur; whether it manifest now or later a Conditioned Mind Pattern will be formed. When these flare-ups occur and the I Self attaches to them, the story in the head starts and the drama begins. Once a Conditioned Mind Pattern is activated all sorts of things happen. You go through many different emotions. Feelings arise that cause you to justify your actions which present themselves in any form that is necessary for the situation; anger, rage, jealously, pride, etc, the list of the capabilities of an undisciplined mind are endless.

It starts with a thought. If that thought is allowed to pass through by not attaching to it, that’s it you’re free. If not, the next step is it attaches to the I Self which creates the story; it has to run its course until it reaches a conclusion. It will then return to your psyche to become more engrained. The conditioning will be much easily activated next time there is an association to the I Self and it will become much more difficult to let the energy pass through. You will attach to the thought and a Conditioned Mind Pattern will form, or you will not attach to the thought and allow the energy to pass through, but that will not be a choice until it is...

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