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Post by Pravin Kumar » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:32 pm

Stillness Simplicity:

The simplicity of life is determined by the stillness of your mind. Without stillness the Conditioned Mind always has questions, never answers. In stillness there isn't a need for questions because the answers are simply known...

I have heard it said many times that life is simple, but not easy. Sometimes things are said without much thought as to why they are being said. Take a simple math problem, we assume everyone knows how to add one plus one. It’s simple, but is it simple to someone who doesn't know how to add, it might as well be a foreign language. Don't assume because something seems simple to you that it’s that way for everybody, and it doesn't mean you are right about it. You may think life is simple, but not easy, but the truth is it is neither, it’s what your conditioning has instilled in you that makes life the way it is. What you consider simple may be very complicated for someone else and visa versa. When you are ruled by noise, life is difficult. When there’s stillness, there isn't any noise.

Be very careful with blanket statements because what you see all may not see. As my writings reach more people, they are questioned more. It doesn't mean there’s any less truth to them, it just means someone doesn't see what I see. I don't expect understanding of what I went through to get me to the place I'm in because I don't even totally understand what happened. I do know the way my mind controlled me for to many years like I was a puppet on a string; today I am learning to cut those string. You won’t know how many strings there are, but as the mind settles and you become more aware that there are strings, it is then that you can be mindful and make the approximate cuts. The simply truth is the less strings there are, the less control the Conditioned Mind will have over you and the more stillness there will be in your life....

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