Neurofeedback device for meditators

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Neurofeedback device for meditators

Post by Rohiniranjan » Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:26 am


Has someone tried to aid their meditation practice with aids such as Neurosky or Muse 2 (03)?

The former provides a one channel EEG feedback, but is perhaps not easy to get information from due to paucity of suitable apps, etc

A somewhat more sophisticated device providing more channels (still far inferior to full scale EEG machines which are naturally way more expensive) is the muse-2. The apps which are affordable provide lots more information, namely the rhythms (alpha, beta, theta, delta, gamma) and becoming fairly popular, although perhaps personal tastes etc might vary, just like many of the subjective likings of the fairly substantial range of meditative techniques etc., each of which have their different following.

Interested folks might wish to do their own web searches etc and gather more information etc from the web search engines and find the plethora of documents, research papers, etc. and make up their own minds about their personal likings, need, etc. This is simply an INFO sharing from someone who is not associated with the companies etc, but is from the field of neurosciences and found it pretty interesting and intriguing a device! It has been around for approximately 4-5 years, has gone through a couple of upgrades (hw, sw, abilities) and the included app supports several modalities (mind, heart, breathing, body and more) which are based on guided cues which through rather interesting (and cleverly designed) feedback help a newcomer to turn meditation into a rather nicely motivating endeavour and in the biggest challenge that new meditators experience: wandering of the mind and getting distracted from the breath or whatever one is aiming to focus upon as the meditation-target! Usually during the first several weeks and practice of the art of meditation -- particularly if one is embarking on the path SOLO and not aided by a group-support or teacher, etc.


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