Making Crystal Rune stones

Know more about Runes, how to read them and interpret their true meanings.

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Post by MoonGoddess » Fri Oct 12, 2007 7:55 am

Gem wrote:Thanks, thought you'd like to see them :) I haven't decided, yet, on the actual runes, that's the hard part. I cut as many as I could so I can practise on a few but I can't make up my mind now... any suggestionsgratefully received :)

Hi Gem, personally I would start with the Elder Futhark and once you have got use to them, and you think you need more then add to that.  24 runes is a good start.
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Post by EarlofLeicester » Fri Oct 12, 2007 8:50 am

Hmmm, suggestions?  The only one I can think of is [i]Eldar Futhark[/i].  Do you mean how to make them, like using a brand to mark them?  In my mind, that makes sense.  I suppose you could paint them or carve the runic symbols and embed little gems in them, but firebranding makes the most sense in my mind.
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