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Rune of the Day epi 5

Post by Ravenmother » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:53 pm


Original meaning: Victory
Rest and recuperation after your successes. Strengthen the life force. This is a rune of power - the power to change one's condition. Opposition is easily overcome.

Sigel is the rune of the sun, and therefore is linked to all of the sun's imagery. The Northern Europeans however did not view the sun as masculine like the Greeks and Egyptians, there was no sun god per se. In the Mediterranean regions the sun was often seen as harsh; bringing dry, hot summers. Northern Europeans however saw the sun as a goddess due to the warmth she gave in the often cold north. This warmth was seen as the warmth a mother or wife gives their children or husband. It is a feeling of love and safety. It was the sun's rays that allowed the crops to grow, the same crops that would be stored for the onslaught on winter.

Sigel is a rune of protection and good weather. Strangely, enough it is often connected to Thunor (Thor), god of the thunderstorm, as is the fylfot though this may be due to his role as protector. It is also a rune of beauty, the words used in the Ancient Northern European tongues for beauty were also used of the sun's rays. Overall, Sigel is a very positive rune, although the imagery of its rune poem verse also link it to Lagu whose verse is similar, the difference being Sigel is a safe journey while Lagu's is a rough one. Sigel is the opponent to Is and can be used to overcome any such standstill in life. It is the thawing rays of spring.

In divination, Sigel can indicate a time of safety and happiness, a time of hope and safe journeys. In spellwork it is especially good for ensuring safe journeys or safety in any undertaking.

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