Rheumatoid Arthritis And Pregnancy

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Rheumatoid Arthritis And Pregnancy

Post by Crow » Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:06 pm

Okay, so usually the RA goes dormate during my pregnancies. I am now in my 7th month and I am still flaming up.  This has not happened this far along, usually by the 4th or 5th month the symptoms disappear.  I cannot take any Ibprophen for the inflamation due to the risks to the developing baby.  Because a hot bath raises my body temperature I cannot soak in the tub to help relieve the pain.   :smt009 Besides my homemade rice bags that I heat up, is there anything else I can do?

If this cannot be answered due to rules of my pregnancy and health, I understand.  I know of the certain herbs that help with anti-inflamations, just not sure if they are safe while pregnant. Certain herbs must be avoided during this time.  So I haven't taken anything to help, since I am still unsure what is safe to take while pregnant.  My doctors really do not know about this and I feel a bit frustrated.  Seeking a practitioner who went through med school and has the added knowledge of natural healing with herbs. What are they called?  
Please any help would be welcomed. Thank you in advance.

Safe Journey

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Post by TheAlchemist » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:17 pm

a homeopathic practitioner perhaps? I`m not sure if that is what you meant...I am not a medical doctor and  have no expertise in this field... but I can  send  love and healing prayers your way....blessings to you...

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Post by drrnwynbchnbrgr » Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:32 pm

1 tsp apple cider vinegar in 16 oz of water 3x a day. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR HAS TO BE FRESH--THE KIND YOU SHAKE UP WITH SEDIMENTS AT BOTTOM--not the strained kind you get in the vinegar section of the grocery store (yuk!)--in order to have the best effect. The organic ACV is quite sweet, and I don't need honey to sweeten it. I actually like the taste.

I mix up a big 64 oz drink with 1 TBL of ACV in it and drink it throughout the day in a big insulated cup.

ginger ,turmeric,

The raw potato juice therapy is considered one of the most successful biological treatments for rheumatic and arthritic conditions. It has been used in folk medicine for centuries. The traditional method of preparing potato juice is to cut a medium-sized potato into thin slices, without peeling the skin, and place the slices overnight in a large glass filled with cold water. The water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Fresh juice can also be extracted from potatoes. A medium-sized potato should be diluted with a cup of water and drunk first thing in the morning.

One cup of green juice, extracted from any green leafy vegetable, mixed in equal proportions with carrot, celery, and red beet juices is good for arthritis. The alkaline action of raw juices dissolves the accumulation of deposits around the joints and in other tissues. A cup of fresh pineapple juice is also valuable, as the enzyme bromelain in fresh pineapple juice reduces swelling and inflammation in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

A teaspoon of black sesame seeds, soaked in a quarter cup of water and kept overnight, has been found to be effective in preventing frequent joint pains. The water in which the seeds are soaked should also be taken along with the seeds first thing in the morning.

Arthritis treatment using Copper

Drinking water kept overnight in a copper container accumulates traces of copper, which is said to strengthen the muscular system. A copper ring or bracelet is worn for the same reason.

Arthritis treatment using Calcium

Studies have shown that calcium can help arthritis. Several patients have discovered that joint pains have either been relieved or have disappeared entirely after taking calcium. This mineral should be taken in the form of calcium lactate. Two teaspoons of calcium lactate, each teaspoon providing 400 mg of absorbable calcium, may be taken three times daily in water, before meals for at least four months.

Arthritis treatment using Garlic

Garlic is another effective remedy for arthritis. It contains an anti-inflammatory property which accounts for its effectiveness in the treatment of this disease. Garlic may be taken raw or cooked according to individual preference.

Arthritis treatment using Bananas

Bananas, being a rich source of vitamin B6, have proved useful in the treatment of arthritis. A diet of only bananas for three or four days is advised in treating this condition. The patient may eat eight or nine bananas daily during this period and nothing else.

Arthritis treatment using Lime

Lime has also been found beneficial as a home remedy for arthritis. The citric acid found in lime is a solvent of uric acid which is the primary cause of some types of arthritis. The juice of one lime, diluted with water, may be taken once a day, preferably first thing in the morning.
Arthritis treatment using Alfalfa

A tea made from the herb alfalfa, especially from its seeds, has shown beneficial results in the treatment of arthritis. One teaspoon of alfalfa seeds may be added to one cup of water. Three to four cups of this tea should be taken daily by arthritics for at least two weeks.
Arthritis treatment using Green Gram Soup

Another home remedy found useful in relieving pains in the joints is the use of green gram soup. This soup should be prepared by mixing a tablespoon of green gram in a cup of water, with two crushed garlic cloves. It should be taken twice a day.
Arthritis treatment using Castor Oil

Treatment with castor oil has been found beneficial in arthritis. The procedure, as prescribed by a Spanish doctor, is to boil two tablespoons of castor oil over a stove burner. The oil should then be poured into a glass of fresh orange juice and taken before breakfast daily till the disease is cured. It was advised to patients to take it for three weeks, wait for another three weeks and then repeat it again for another three weeks. It is, however, essential that the patient must take an alkaline diet while adopting this mode of treatment otherwise the value of the treatment will be lost.
Arthritis treatment using Coconut or Mustard Oil

Warm coconut oil or mustard oil, mixed with two or three pieces of camphor should be massaged on stiff and aching joints. It will increase blood supply, and reduce inflammation and stiffness with the gentle warmth produced while massaging. Camphorated oil is an ancient rubefacient used for the purpose.

Sea bathing

Sea bathing has been found valuable in arthritis. The natural iodine in sea water is said to relieve arthritis pain. As is well known, Iodine regulates the acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues, helps to repair and regenerate worn out tissues and nourishes the skeletal structure. It enters into the thyroid gland's secretion. The hormone uses the iodine to cleanse the internal toxins. If sea bathing is not possible, the patient should relax for thirty minutes every night in a tub of warm water, in which a cup of common salt has been mixed. The minerals in the salt,especially Iodine, will be absorbed through the pores of the skin. This will help correct an internal imbalance.

vitamin e
suggested by teresa on Tuesday, December 11, 2007
1000 milligrams of vitamin e daily. For bad arthritis, take twice a day. For about two weeks, then reduce to once a day. vitamin e helps to lubricate the joints, therefore eliminates pain.
tinggling, pain, on tips & joints on extremes
suggested by tan on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deficiencies of VitA, VitC & D & Calcium is the reason for the pain. Treatment with fish liver oil VitA 10,000-30,000IU/day; 1,000-3,000 IU VitD/day; 3-4g/day VitC; Calcium Lactate 3-5level teaspoons/day. All administered in 3 smaller doses with 1g fish oil each time after meals for 3 months.
Cod Liver Oil
suggested by Carissa on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Take a spoonful of cod liver oil every morning and night. I use Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil for my arthritic knee - it helps immensely. And it certainly doesn't hurt that it's lemon flavored.
Fish oil
suggested by maguire on Thursday, February 22, 2007
My Acupuncture teaches say's that he has client's who have cured themselves by taking 4 milligram's of fish oils (building up to it slowly).He's a great teacher and he swears by this cure

More Home Remedies for Arthritis

Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm water and take it twice in day for curing arthritis.

Eat half a teaspoon of guggulu twice a day after meals with warm water as guggulu(it is a herb) is helpful in curing arthritis.

Make a paste of 1 teaspoon red chilies and fresh ginger in half a cup of sesame oil and strain. Gently rub this oil on the painful joints.

Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to one tablespoon of honey and take it every morning on empty stomach. Repeat this daily for one month.

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Post by Crow » Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:31 am

The Alchemist,

That sounds like it might be. I will look that up and see if there are any in my area. Thank you!!


Dear drrnwynbchnbrgr,

Thank you so much for this. I will print it up and try some of these. Wonderful, bless you!  I am a little concerned about the vitamin E part, I thought that too much can be toxic to the body.  Is guggulu safe to take when pregnant?  This is a new herb for me, I will look it up and see where I can find it and it's properties.  I have used tumeric, but not sure if I had the right dosage, adding it to foods, may not added enough so I found little relief from this.  Do you know how much is needed in the daily diet for it to work effectively?  These are wonderful suggestions.  Again thank you for your time.

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Post by drrnwynbchnbrgr » Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:23 pm

vitamin e in large doses is not to my knowledge harmful  .ginger:cut a small piece of a fresh root and suck on it, kinda pungent .
turmeric i would look and see if  it is sold in capsules  . a tonic is a alternative as well .

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Post by Crow » Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:12 am


I am sorry that I didn't see your added replie sooner.  As to the vitamin E I guess there are conflicting reports, some are saying in high dosages it can be harmful, while others see that it is not.  They are doing more studies about this.  With the tumeric I was sprinkling on my food, thank you for telling me about the capsules.  I will try this and see if I have better results.  Again thank you for your time and your replie.

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Post by andrew2424 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:45 pm

hey crow,

i think by the tiem this advice comes to you , it would be very late,  but during pracnency, you are adviced to stay away from aromatherapy products, or anything that has high content of esential oil. try a medical doctor. there are some essential oils that can be used, , your should try checking out aromatherapy books. They usualy would list the contra, or which oils are safe to be used during pranancy.


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what aromatherapy can do to pregnancy

Post by bircharomas » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:50 pm

Aromatherapy can be of huge benefit, and can help to soothe the extra strains placed upon woman’s body during pregnancy - strengthening the body, reducing stretch marks and fluid retention, and easing the increasing aches and pains as baby gets bigger. Massage treatments are suitable from the second trimester.

Aromatherapy is a very useful, gentle and well-loved therapy during pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy massage

  1. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation, so less stress, and a better night’s sleep.
  2. Reduces oedema, blood pressure, relieves varicose veins and increases lymph and blood flow.
  3. Reduces muscle and joint pain, including backache, cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Facilitates hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and other physiological processes, which occur in pregnancy.

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