Complaint regarding MB script library

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Complaint regarding MB script library

Post by prashanth_ram2002 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:24 pm

Hello there,

I have been a  memeber of MB for a long time. I happy with the information given by the Astrology dept. of Mystic library were it is based on western Astrology but for one reason which I would like to bring it to the adminstrators notice

If you check any Astrology products like Financial Astrology, Sexual Astrology etc, you find a box placed for indicating the compabilty of a sign. Unfortunately all astrology pages denote wrong signs as compatible for a particular sign

For Instance,
for Aquarius sign in Finance astro & others and others, its denoted that Taurus & Virgo are compatible. But in reality, Taurus & Virgo pose to be the worst signs for Aquarius, they are highly incompatible.
Instead it should be replaced by Libra & Gemini which share the same element of Air with Aquarius & hence are highly compatible

Hence I kindly request the MB administrators to take some action as it can be highly mis-leading to the members

THnaking You
Prashanth Ram
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