Some problem with my internet connection

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Some problem with my internet connection

Post by just4spar » Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:05 pm

Just now i posted a topic on Mystic Book Depot on CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS . 1st time i posted something went wrong & post didnt show up, so i posted again & when page was refreshed now older same post is showing up too
So plz delete either of the one

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Post by swetha » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:19 am


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Post by Evard » Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:15 am

just4spar . , .

I wonder if you have a problem with less time offline
and computer reboot not often enough to be the @!!:
page will load about 1 or 4 loading bars out of 10 . . .

I have this problem when I stay on the board and am
timed out to not bother the board , though to keep my
computer online .  If you load page indefinitely and uh
have to press the Escape key and try to reload and it :
won't set the page to unloaded . . it simply won't load .

So the posting.php will be unrecognized and loads the
reply anyway , though it won't bring it up . . . so how:     will you see the comment and accept posting ranking . I wonder .

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Post by Rohiniranjan » Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:16 am

I suspect that LARGE and GRAPHIC-RICH forums like MB and which have so much activity, given its membership and DIVERSE subject areas would run into 'BAND-WIDTH' problems and this is perhaps causing some traffic-problems in places. It is like a very heavily-travelled SUPERHIGHWAY! No matter how many lanes one adds (SERVERS), there will be traffic congestion and slowdowns and frustrations.

In modern hi-tech times where all seem to have grown more and more impatient, the problem would be ENLARGED if folks open the forum and then neither contribute nor switch the forum connection off! SUCH people are BLOCKING the LANE in RUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC :-)

So, please use this FREE PRIVILEGE (MYSTIC BOARD) responsibly! Come, read, post quickly or if a long message is necessary, turn off, compose the message off-line, come online, post and you are done!

Your fellow MB-fraternity and sorority will THANK YOU! ;-)

Love, Light, Common-sense!

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Post by Evard » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:10 am

As light humor . The serv bandwidth . . don't seem compatible with older computers
before update . During this writing I'm on Windows XP without security updates . . .

IF ., the XP system goes under like Microsoft says it will ., why can newer serv system
not update the older compatibility . . If ., the serv setting at fairly low traffic MB begin the
site this is ., not all on various throughout though local servs
will be to show the traffic at very popular had to split forum on serv.s
so it will not be thousands or even hundreds of thousands on local term database .  .  . ,

my own opinion ., I would recommend not all local sites on paganheart run though the uh
apparently outdated paganheart serv to uk Central . It would be nice to update to Cloud *
Computing EMC or similar Euro friendly database ready macro . , . my opinion . . .

If you put all local sites bandwidth to a major and can't get bandwidth on copy uh
site maintain .,. it's outdated ., though ., so is Windows XP . So whatever . Just sayin it :)

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