Was this an attack?

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Was this an attack?

Post by Vendetta » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:17 pm

I was wondering if this experience I had was an attack or just a hallucination.

I did LSD last weekend with my sister and 2 others. They went into the forest all day but I decided not too. By myself I was under the influence but overall felt fairly normal.

When my sister and friends came home it felt like they brought a cloud of "energy" with them and when they were there I was swept up into this cloud too and I got "on the same vibe" as them and started "tripping" as they were.

Prior to them coming home I had no visuals. When they came I started seeing complex patterns that fascinated me. I remember going to my basement and I saw 2 beings. It was more like a figure outline and the edges were a rainbow type color and were moving/changing.

I felt that my i guess "astral body" was being touched by these things and I could see and feel them touching me. This is hard too explain but one thing went right up too me I could see a translucent wall of a brick like pattern. I saw one of these things pry open a brick with its hands and I could see its face through it and I could feel its eyes stare burn right into my soul (well i guess thats the best way of describing my feeling). After this event I was terrified and went upstairs, for the rest of the day I was in alot of pain. My bones and joints really hurt and it was a clearly a real pain.

Was this just the acid??? Could there of been a presence in my house?

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Was this an attack

Post by byronBrild » Sat May 04, 2019 11:11 am

In any case, my grandpa seems to think that I was being scrupulous over the matter, and that I shouldnt have been so upset.

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Re: Was this an attack?

Post by eye_of_tiger » Sun May 05, 2019 12:16 am

Hello Byron,

I have only just read about the incident.

It would have been seen earlier if it had been posted in a more appropriate forum, but that is in the past and you and your friends need urgent, practical help: NOW!

It was a multiple spirit attachment (one or more per person) that happened on that day, rather than it being a psychic attack (bad enough), or a drug induced hallucination.

What has happened is unfortunately very real and will have serious, negative consequences for everyone who has been affected.

Taking psychotropic drugs is well known for opening the doors of perception between this world and the next.

Once opened, they can be very difficult to close again.

I do feel that it is very likely that one or more low level entities has attached themselves to your friend's auras (personal energy fields), while they were in the forest.

And when your friends came back from the forest, the entities came back with them.

Which only gave them another person in a highly vulnerable state of mind (you), to be able to attach to.

So in addition to the damage which the LSD has almost definitely done to your and your friend's brains and nervous systems, you now have a much bigger problem, which will almost certainly require the intervention of a trained medium in your local area, who specialises in reversing spirit attachments.

With due respect to your grandfather, unless he has experienced this happening in his own life, he has no idea of the suffering which you and your friends have unknowingly unleashed upon yourselves.

I hope that you will find a qualified medium soon, and that you will all be eventually freed of these psychic parasites. Your future health and safety will depend upon this attachment reversal process being successful.

And I hope and pray that you will ALL learn a valuable lesson about just one more hidden danger of many of the use of mind altering substances in the process.

I have only just noticed that this was originally posted in 2012.

So what has happened to you all since then?

Especially health wise?

God bless you all,

Brian :smt009

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