Om Sri Brigid Namaha

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Om Sri Brigid Namaha

Post by erik » Tue Sep 27, 2022 10:58 pm


I remember that I just began to discover my Celtic roots in the Belgian Ardennes in 2009 and came in contact with Celtic mantras which I chanted in my mind based on Vedic mantras, in this way I knew that back in those days, thousands of years ago, the Celtic people used to chant these mantras the Vedic way, I knew that because I had such an experience in October or November 2007 in Rotterdam, see my topic Om Cernunnos Namaha.

Anyway, I was in my room in Petit Han, it must be around 2010, I guess the summer of 2010 when I just began to chant the mantra: ¨Om Sri Brigid Namaha¨, which is Sanskrit for: I pay my respects to beautiful Brigid.

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Fertility, Agriculture and Poetry.

I sat down with my beads (some kind of rosary, called a mala in india) and had my eyes closed and began to chant this mantra in my mind.

Suddenly I saw inner visions of plants and trees all around me, it looked like a maze because i was moving around those trees and plants, it was a wonderful scenery. I was moving and I was coming close to the centre of the maze. I was very excited because i was thinking that the Goddess was going to show me her form and that i was going to meet her in person in the centre of the maze.
As I was coming closer and getting fired up, suddenly I heard a female voice in my head saying:

¨Erik, you have a girlfriend!¨

and then I got distracted and the scene dissolved into nothingness. i opened up my eyes and cursed the woman who told me that I had a girlfriend, I was pissed off, I almost had the most fantastic experience and now it was suddenly gone!

I am chanting Om Sri Morrigan Namaha since September 17th this year and am chanting Om Sri Brigid Namaha and Om Cernunnos Namaha since today again after I came back to chanting the Hare Krishna mantra last year September which I gave up a few weeks ago.

So I am back to my Celtic roots and there is more to discover but for now I will chant these 3 mantras.

Write down your dreams, you'll live twice !!

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