Om Sri Brigid Namaha

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Om Sri Brigid Namaha

Post by erik » Tue Sep 27, 2022 10:58 pm


in 2009 I began to get interest in the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and in my Celtic roots. I looked up, on internet, who were the Gods and Goddesses and I read about Brigid, I was interested in her story and I began to start chanting her Sanskrit mantra: ¨Om Sri Brigid Namaha¨ which means: I pay my obeisances to Brigid the beautiful.

The story how I found out about the Sanskrit mantra´s you can find in my topics: Om Sri Morrigan Namaha and Om Cernunnos Namaha here on the board.

One day in 2010, in the summer, I was chanting Om Sri Brigid Namaha (in my mind, not out loud) and got the following realisation which I saw in my third eye:

¨I suddenly saw beautifiul bushes and trees all around and i was floating towards a maze consisting of bushes and trees, I was slowly going more and more inside the maze and i was amazed about the beauty of this all. I was nearing the centre of the maze and I was really excited because I had the feeling I was going to see the Goddess Brigid, this feeling was very strong! And as I was about to meet Brigid, I suddenly heard a woman´s voice, and she was telling me:

¨Erik, je hebt een vriendin!¨

which is Dutch for:¨

¨Erik, you have a girlfriend!¨

I got distracted and the entire maze with all the bushes and trees and the feeling that I was going to meet Brigid, dissapeared in complete nothingness, I remember I was very pissed at the woman who told me that I had a girlfriend.

She deprived me of the chance I had to meet Brigid!


But whenever I go to Weris to meditate at the holy sites, i float, in my third eye, over forests, trees, streams, flowerfields and more of this stuff, still I hope to meet Brigid again, since I realised that this girlfriend I suppossedly have, is just someone who i did wrong in past lives and she got back at me by posing as my soulmate, it´s not Morrigan, from which I had this cool realisation on soul level.


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