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Om Ogmios Namaha

Post by erik » Tue 05 Sep, 2023 8:27 pm


this is a topic about a sensation while chanting. Ogmios is a Celtic God and his Sanskrit mantra is: Om Ogmios Namaha, which means: ¨I pay my obeisances to Ogmios the great¨.

You can read how I found out about these Sanskrit mantra´s in my posts Om Sri Morrigan Namaha and Om Cernunnos Namaha on this board.

Anyway, when I was chanting Hare Krishna a few years back in 2006, I suddenly, for the first time, felt a light but slightly strong pressure on my third eye, I didn´t know what this was, but it felt great!

I stopped this chanting a while ago, and started it up again, it´s coming and going, this Hare Krishna chanting, but when I really started meditating from April 25th 2023 a few hours a day, I also felt this sensation on my third eye! I still didn´t know what it meant.

And a few months back I started chanting Om Ogmios Namaha in my mind and this sensation on my third eye was also there! I started to think that because of this, I was establishing a relationship, a certain personal relationship with Ogmios. I think it can be a form of subtle communication, but I still have to investigate this thoroughly.

It is a sign to proceed with the spiritual endevour, it means I am on the right track!


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