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Post by whitetiger0000 » Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:09 pm

Even when I hold it on a table with nothing on it, it turns

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Post by cornishrex_rules » Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:19 pm

Ok just stumbled across this thread and did the test.

Gem I use a man made quartz crystal pendulum (my favorite one rutilated quartz dissapeared) I still feel sad.

Moving on. I don't know if my answers are correct but here goes. I am right handed but used my left as I felt the receiving of information would help. I also use free will with my pendulum and it always is clockwise for yes and north and south for no.

a) No
b) Yes
c) No

Thanks for an informative thread Gem
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Post by jotejete » Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:28 am

I use the free-will method.


a) yes
b) no
c) yes

and Thanks for the Class !

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Post by Nyteshadecreed » Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:57 pm

Okay Just bought my Pendy on Saturday morning and I haven't set it down yet... *smile* Just felt like I wanted it with me... I slept with it under my pillow... (Yes, I am 5...) No I always do that when I buy anything new... I find that it bonds with me quicker after a good night of sleep... anyways I saw this and at once clicked it to read... *VERY excited* I am going to add my answers to the list....

a) Is Gem’s middle name Sarah? yes
b) Is Gem wearing a ring on her right hand? no
c) Does Gem like Marmite? yes

Well there we go... Would love any more pointers if any one has any.

Thank You for the Lesson!! It was very helpful.


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Post by void » Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:01 am

I always ask if I can ask a question first ,my pendulem always moves in a circle for "yes "& swings back n forth for" no".

but you will have to ask the pendulem what the motions mean.

I've noticed that "time" is a demention that is confusing my results .

dowsing is in preasant time for me ,,,I have to be spacific with it.

everyone gets there own "way"with it. play with it .its great.

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Post by 500 SMILES » Thu May 01, 2008 1:48 am

didn't really understand the lesson.

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Post by Jynxx » Tue Jul 22, 2008 1:54 am

Mine used to be a 'witches stone' that I set a rounded amethyst into the center. It works beautifully =) And disappeared. =(

My Next one was piece of natural amethyst, with spiralized silver wire around it. it was stolen. =(

I'm thinking that my next one shouldn't be amethyst. Any comments? xD
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Post by elicit » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:55 pm

mine is jade with black bits in

mine goes 6 oclock to 12 oclock for yes
9 olclock to 3 oclock for no
goes in a circle when its confussed about the question
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Post by Jolyn Woods » Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:29 pm

When are your pendulum classes? I would like to learn!

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Post by RoseRed » Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:18 pm

I was always told never ask a question about time or love. As time is an illusion so makes no sense to the pendulum and that love is just one of those things that has so much to it that one could never possibly just get a str forward answer. :)

And about your pendy connecting with ya...I was given a rutilated quartz and we just never seem to get along. :)
I have no idea why but it just seems to be happy just chilling and not being asked questions. I have cleared it and cleared it and it still won't 'work' with me. Almost like a stubborn nope. I'm not telling you.
What on Earth do I do with it?
I mean must I rather make something creative out of it? Let it just be? Have a proper chat with it?
hummmm...ponder ponder ponder
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Post by Lina » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:07 am

I've been using pendulum for many years now (over 15).  :)
Let's say that I know it a little bit  :smt003
What I'm writing now, is absolutely My experience with it and nothing more.

Believe me, it can be amazingly accurate and helpful!

I have to say that I rarely got wrong answers and this happened when I was not relaxed
or completely "neutral" while I was asking my question.
Being neutral, so as not to affect the pendulum's answer.
This is a very delicate point, as it's very easy to get  a wrong answer that we deeply wish and not
the right answer that we probably dislike.
But this is only a matter of time and practice. And will, of course!

I have totally 3 pendulums, each one dedicated to a different subject.
The first was bought, the other two were made by me.

The first is used for health questions.
The second is used for sentimental questions
The third is used for general questions.

Throughout the years, I found a simple way to get more clear answers.
I simply write down on a paper all the possible answers to a question, plus the option "something else",
in case that the right answer is not included on this paper.
It works great!

The first time that I tried to see how my pendulum responses I used the Free method.  
I actually wanted to see IF and how it works with me.
I just asked it to show me which is Yes - No - I don't know yet - I don't want to asnwer.
After that, I checked it by asking simple questions.

So, my pendulum is moving forward-backward for "Yes".
Right - left - right - left for "No"
Clockwise cycles (from right to left) for "I don't know yet".
Opposite clockwise cycles (from left to right) for "I don't want to answer".

And if it's not moving at all (something very rare), there are 3 possibilities
in this order:
1. The specific pendulum doesn't suit me.
2. It's not the right time to ask or I'm very negative inside.
3. I'm not concentrated enough.

Finally, what I really know now is that the more I use it, the more it helps me.

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Post by AeraCrescent » Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:49 am

I just found this thread.

I saw someone use a pendalum over her hand at a meetup group to channel the group's spirit guides. I became very interested after she did this. I wondered if she were answering the questions herself, since she was interpreting the answers, and giving us intuitive feedback, and there wasn't a board of any kind under her, (a little skepticism on my part, especially since my friend was there, and he held her in high regard, and yet she wanted me to invest 2,000 to train with her teacher) so I went home and I did a little research elsewhere and learned it was a form of divination.

I tried with a couple of rings and a necklace. Then, by chance, as I was going through some clothing and necklaces I found my jade crystal pendant. It's in the shape of a point. I have had this item for a long time.
So, having tried some before and noticing the other items had moved a little bit over my hand, I tried with this, and then I decided to draw up a pendulum board, with a basic, Yes, No, Maybe, Don't know on it. I even drew a little rainbow colored flower in the center. I got much better results with it swinging more, pulling more. My partner tested it, asking questions, to produced answers only he would know, that I would not, and it was giving 'yes' indicators (by what the board was indicating).

I think I will have to sit down and have a talk with the pendulum of choice here. My partner believes I am making subconscious movement to answer the questions. That I have made up my mind about the answers.

Reading this was really informative. I am left handed, and will be using my left hand. My right hand/arm has chronic pain issues and I will not be able to use it for this.

I feel like, if someone like this other woman who invested 2,000 dollars can do this, then so can I. For free. I will need to ground first, because when I used the pendulum on the board the first time, I felt kind of strange. Then my partner went to the bathroom, and I tried to 'clear' the board/area up with a payer/statement of intent for the highest good in the name of Higher Consciousness. Then when I put it back on the board, it didn't start swinging right away. It seemed to linger for a time.

Really interesting stuff.
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Use it's personal preferences

Post by kaylypoo » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:02 am

Every time that I have made/purchased a new pendulum, I've always asked it what it's personal preferences are, rather than telling it what I want it to do. I was always taught and I do believe that a tool of magick should always be treated as you would treat a close friend. I feel and have found that you receive better answers when you do this. :smt003

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