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Javanese Occult & Magick

Post by sanchesters » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:12 pm

Note this thread purpose only to share information about Javanese Occult and Magick which is a part of Javanese beliefs called Kejawen.Because English is not my native language,I'm still having a hard time to give detailed explanation or perhaps I am not a good story teller.

A. Legendary Javanese Occult & Magick

Pancasona considered as one of the most powerful magick in java island,there is so many arguments about pancasona being a white magick or black magick due to it strange phenomena against the law of nature.A person who mastered pancasona will gain imortality and can only die when it is destined.

Not everyone would able to master pancasona,because the ritual is so hard and takes time,just to let you know the fasting period is almost a year and should be under the guidance of a person who already mastered this magick.

Pancasona based on wind elements that means the user will stay alive as long as making contact with the wind,even when you cut their bodies into pieces the part of the body will miraculously reattached again.That is why to be able defeat pancasona user you need to buried  the user alive on the ground,until the user lost the ability to breathe.


If pancasona based on wind elements,the rawarontek magick based on earth elements.and there is a legendary figure in betawi who mastered this magick known as Si Pitung.A person who mastered rawarontek cannot die and come back alive whenever the user bodies and blood touch the ground.

Si Pitung is a living legend among the betawi people,we know as a someone who mastered rawarontek magick and granted immortality the magick itself has a weakness.From what i heard, Si Pitung died because he is getting a shot with gold bullet while taking a bath at the river.As we know rawarontek user cannot die as long as the bodies and the blood touch the ground,Si Pitung died because his bodies still on the water while getting hit by a gold bullet (normal bullet wont get through Si Pitung body,because he had immunity magick) and the part about Javanese immunity magick would be explained later.
Most of betawi people believe after Si Pitung died his body being cut into seven pieces and buried in separate location.

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Javanese Occult & Magick

Post by sanchesters » Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:12 am

Batara Kala originally owned three words which is written in his forehead,throat and chest with the shape of Kalacakra.First is the reverse of Batara Kala itself,second the source of negative being and third the reverse of time.From the Javanese Kejawen perspective Batara Kala is a source of  negative being who could bring misfortune in everyday life.

This spell is a magick weapon in supernatural realms,useful to destroy and negate the supernatural power of its opponent and also being feared by the genie and any supernatural creature.It can be functionied as a shield to guard it's owner and negate any negative energy.
When you had supernatural vision you can see this spell true form,imagine a burning spinning wheel that's the real form of Rajah Kalacakra.

Rajah Kalacakra has many various form,it needs a specific rituals to activated this spell true form.Up until now Rajah Kalacakra is still being used in java island ,sometimes you just need someone with supernatural power to write a Rajah Kalacakra on your body or on a piece of paper to bring it's power.

who attack return to become pity compassion
who come with ugly intention will return oppositely
who make peckish return to give eat
whom force, returning to give full discretion and freedom
who do sin return to do service
who fight return to become peace
who make fatal return to make secure
who destroy return to develop

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Post by sanchesters » Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:17 pm

Awaken Supernatural Energy Through Kejawen ( Javanese Occult & Magick )

The concept of Javanese magick and occultism can be gained through various methods the basic concept is energy collection,to be able doing daily activity your physical body need recharge the energy three times a day by comsuming everyday meal.
The same concept is applied to awaken supernatural power,you need to collected their energy.however the difference is you only need to fill the energy once in your lifetime.The energy collection can be vary depending of the type of magick you want to learned.This method of energy collection also known as Tirakat.


The Javanese occult and magick (also known as kejawen) using Tirakat as a requirement to obtain certain magick,the tirakat can be done through
- doa (praying)
- wirid (translate not available)
- mantra (spell)
- pantangan (prohibition)
- puasa (fasting)
- combination of doa,wirid,mantra,pantangan & puasa
Most of tirakat required fasting,and there are many methods of fasting in Kejawen

- Mutih
This method of fasting only allowed the consumption of rice and water
all kind of additional taste is forbidden (sweet,salty etc)
before you begin mutih you need to do a bathing rituals first
here a spell for mutih bathing rituals
"niat ingsun mutih, mutihaken awak kang reged,putih kaya bocah mentas lahirdipun ijabahi ......"

- Ngeruh
This fasting method only allowed consumption of fruit and vegetables.

- Ngebleng
Ngebleng fasting method is to stop all kinds of daily activity,including :
eating,drinking,going out from room/home,sexual activity,reducing sleeping time.Someone who done Ngebleng should stay in a room for full day (24 hours) and when the night comes,the room should remain pitch black without any single light source.
You're only allowed to leave the room only for nature calling activity.

- Pati Geni
Almost like Ngebleng method,the difference is you're not allowed to leave the room no matter what the reason is.Even nature calling activity should be done in the room by providing necessary equipment (pispot etc)
During tirakat Pati Geni most likely the final stage to complete the rituals
the pati geni fasting period usually done in a day,some people may
take 3,7 days or more.
Pati Geni fasting spell
"niat ingsun patigeni, amateni hawa panas ing badan ingsun, amateni genine napsu angkara
murka krana ......."

- Ngelowong
This fasting method is more easier from the rest above,eating and drinking is not allowed in certain amount of time,not allowed to sleep more than 3 hours a day,allowed to go outside.

- Ngerowot
Ngerowot fasting method can be done from dawn (3am) to dusk (6pm)
only one kind of fruit is allowed,if you're choosing banana then you can only eat banana,and shouldn't
be mixed with any other fruits.start ngerowot fasting by consuming the fruit before the dawn time,and you can
finished the fasting period by consuming the fruit after the dusk time.remember during dawn to dusk period you're not allowed to eat anything.

- Nganyep
This method of fasting only allowed consumption of tasteless food,so almost like Mutih fasting but you can choosing different tasteless food.As long as it doesn't have taste (sweet,salty,spicy etc)

- Ngidang
Only allowed the consumption of leaf and water

- Ngepel
Only rice is allowed,but the amount is limited to what your hand can hold (take the rice with your bare hand,that is the amount you're allowed to eat)

- Kungkum
This method is unique than the others,while you're doing fasting you can also do this ritual too.Should be done on the river,however there is certain requirement to choose the river
* should be done in a place where two rivers meet
* the river deep limit is at your neck while sitting
* should face against the flow of water
* in a quiet place,without any human interference
* start in the middle of the night (12pm) the duration should more than 3 hours
* naked only (that's why you should choosing a quiet place)
* sleep is not allowed while doing Kungkum
* shouldn't move your body too much
* before entering the water,close your eyes and put your hand in your chest
* should be done seven times,remember the time (night only)

- Ngeluwang
Perhaps this is the most scariest rituals for ordinary people,because you need the guts to do this rituals.
Ngeluwang is one of a methods to gained a supernatural vision by buried yourself in a quiet cemetery,after finished this rituals someone may saw uncomfortable vision (genie,ghost etc) and there is a spell should be read before doing this rituals.


Most of Kejawen magick has a khodam,khodam is a supernatural spirit who becoming the "soul" of a magick.The khodam always follow the magick owner.


1. Kanuragan & Kekebalan ( Combat & Immunity Magic )
The main function of this magick is for supernatural fighting ability including defensive & offensive ability

2. Kawibawaan & Pengasihan ( Charisma & Affection Magick )
It's a supernatural magick with the ability to influence,manipulating the soul and the feelings of others.Charisma magick mainly being used as a boost to leadership capability.While Affection magick is mainly used for
relationship & love problems,unrequited love also can be solved with this magick.

3. Trawangan & Ngrogoh Sukmo ( Supernatural Surveillance Vision & Astral Projection / OOBE )
If you want to know & saw many things without going outside home,you should learn Trawangan.
with Trawangan you can reading supernatural sign & phenomena,long distance vision & pelicid vision.
Ngrogoh Sukmo may similar like out of body experience,you can travelling anywhere including traveling to supernatural realms.

4. Khodam ( Spirit Magick )
Only for someone who would be able communicating actively with the spirit guardian,the khodam will follow and obey the order from it's master.

5. Atraksi ( Entertainment Magick )
Debus Banten is a good example for this kind of magick

6. Pengobatan ( Healing Magick)
There is so many type of healing magick in kejawen,each of them is unique and have different methods of healing.

1. Tirakat
2. Magick Transfering
3. Legacy from the Ancestor

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Mustika Merah Delima ( Ruby Magic Stone )

Post by sanchesters » Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:19 am

Okay it's been a long time i haven't write,this time it is about mustika merah delima. It's kind of hard to find the right translation in english, mustika = magic stone,merah delima = ruby . It doesn't has to be a stone to be called mustika but also can take different form.


Mustika Merah Delima can only be found in javanese land, It's a gift from the ruler of javanese south sea ( Nyi Roro Kidul ) to Jogjakarta first king ( Sultan Hamengku Buwono I ) ,and later this magic stone can be called the mother of all ruby magic stone.

The story say,whoever has this magic stone have an ability to be invisible,anti bullet piercing,immune to sharp object and also have high charisma.But the truth is, until today there isn't any person that can be confirmed as a owner of this stone. There is a probability that the owner of the stone might have passed away and the stone itself may goes back to it's astral world.


Most people believe Mustika Merah Delima form is as small as soybean or pomegranate seed, But when you dropped it on the floor it will fall like an heavy object. As a mother of ruby magic stone it has an ability to produce another magic stone but with limited abilities.This is what the most people would find,obviously through a certain expensive and hard rituals and sometimes ended in a fight between the spirit of the stone with people who trying to obtain them. If you won the stone will belongs to you,if you lose..the stone will be back to it's world.


Most people curious about the price of Ruby magic stone,well it is depending on the ability of the stone itself.Because the price is really high sometimes it may ended on a fraud. The real ruby magic stone when put in a drinking glass (contains a water),can luminescent a red light from 7,21 or 40 drinking glass also the drinking glass should not break when it's been fired with bullet.
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Post by Charlesman » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:48 pm

Interesting stuff...

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Post by Acelya » Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:29 am

So this is intresting never heard of his kind of magic. I have read about Aghoras. The book of Mr.Svoboda great book.
This magick you write about seems more stronger than the Ahora at the left hand..

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